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 What is your style? What is your approach when photographing a wedding?

Every photographer does have a different style when shooting weddings and it’s important to find one that will suit the style of photos you are chasing. I personally love documenting the genuine moments of the day. Kind of like a fly on the wall. I love this style because I can capture an emotional moment when the bride and groom give each other a loving glance instead of having them breaking the moment to face the camera with a fake smile.

 What packages do you offer? Deposit and payment plans?

 I have a few different packages (click me to view) for Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast wedding photography. I do request a deposit and with regards to payment plans the full amount must be paid one week prior to the wedding date but how and when is up to you. I take a variety of payment options and is quick and easy online tracking of the balances. 

 Do you or are you willing to follow a shot list?

 I have one memorised but I also like to ask beforehand for anything specific you may want thats out of the ordinary. At the end of the day you need to be happy with what photos and I have no issue with following a shot list if you wish.

 I have this idea…are you interested?

I love when couples have awesome ideas for their wedding day! Don’t be shy if you have a particular image in mind what you would like or want to try. I once had a groom come up with the idea of shooting a 'Stranger Things' photo

Stanger weddings wedding photography


 Can my other guests take photos?

If you know guests want to take photos just make sure they understand to be mindful of myself and that there isn't really any need because you have hired a photographer or even I like to have the celebrant mention this the guests before the ceremony begins.

 How long can we expect before we see our wedding photos?

What I think happens way too often is when a couple post their photo as a married couple and it’s an IPhone photo from a relative. To alleviate this I have Wifi capabilities on my cameras and this means while everyone is eating I like to send a few photos to you straight away so that your first photo as a married couple that your friends and family see on the Internet are amazing. 

Regardless of which package you choose the photos will be edited within three weeks and then the final delivery within the fourth week following your wedding date!

 Do you travel?

I do indeed if youre looking for wedding photography outside of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast don't hesitate to get in touch above. My packages prices stay the same just an added fee to cover travel expenses. 

Will my photos be safe?

Corrupt memory cards or crashed hard drives are both a couples and a photographers worst nightmare. It happens very very rarely but your photos need to be safe from every event because you obviously can’t go back and redo the entire day. I personally dread this and have done everything I can to circumvent the possibility of this happening. During the course of the day I swap out my memory cards regularly (don’t have all your eggs in one basket) into a waterproof and shockproof hard-case (with my contact info all over it) and as soon as I get home after the wedding I back up my photos to two separate hard drives incase one fails for some reason, I have an exact mirror copy on the other hard drive as well as a cloud based storage incase my house catches fire or floods.

Extreme measures but I take your photos very seriously.