Astrophotography Image Stacking

This week I thought Id show you guys how to reduce noise in photoshop. This technique requires you to take a series of images of the night sky and stack them. I first start out in lightroom with my color edit and then instead of reducing noise in lightroom I then select my images and open each image as its own layer in photoshop. Once the images are in photoshop you need to align the stars from each layer otherwise this edit will not work. Once the stars are aligned you then convert all the layers to a smart object. Once that is loaded you need to apply a median stack mode. What this does it takes each and every pixel and averages out the color what this does is it gets rid of any stay color noise and sensor noise. Now all that is needed to be done is a crop and export!

I hope you enjoyed this astrophotography photoshop tutorial I really had fun making it and I'm not sure if this technique of editing is that widely known!

Astrophotography Editing Tutorial

In this tutorial I show you guys how I personally edit my astrophotography photos in adobe lightroom cc. I show this image of the milky way a few nights ago when the sky was clear and the moon was down so I decided Id share my editing process and please dont forget this is only my current editing preference for milky way and like any edit overtime it dose evolve! 

Rode NT-USB review

I re recorded this review because my last one I accidentally muted the audio haha how ironic. I show you guys my main mic of choice for each and every single youtube video I make. The Rode NT-USB microphone from Rode. The NT-USB mic is an extremely solid microphone for any youtuber or anyone in general it is very versatile and can be used to record a variety of sources. One of the main advantages that I like about the Rode NT-USB is the fact that it can easily be hooked up to any mac or pc as well as any apple product which means its great for on the road

How To Get Good Audio For DSLR Video

I show you guys how to get amazing audio from your DSLR when making videos! with this tutorial Ill show you how to achieve great audio with one simple trick! I explain how you can do a variety of different tips to get the best audio from any situation. 

Using Snapchat To Grow And Market Your Business

A lot of businesses in my area are still afraid to use snapchat for marketing,generating content and brand awareness. Snapchat is no longer a sexting app but so much more. With 100million daily active users it should be easy to see why snapchat is one of if not the most popular social media platform for millennials in 2016. I use snapchat for creating content around live shoots, on location BTS, workflow as well as daily life and I believe this does two things it not only creates a relationship with the viewer where they feel like they know you but also demystifies the experience of hiring me!

DSLR Color Grading Tutorial

I show you guys HOW I PERSONALLY  color correct and color grade DSLR footage. This Footage was shot with my Canon 6D with the Technicolor Cinestyle picture profile which gave me the flat colors to work with. This is not a tutorial for any particular program although I do use Adobe Premiere Pro cc this is more about the fundamentals of grading an image and a brief look into LUTS (I use DELUTS)

Casey Neistat Tutorial (Whip Pan Transition)

I show you how to do an epic video tradition which can create a very unique look to a video. I first saw Casey Neistat do this in a few of his vlogs and thought id learn it myself. This technique I believe is called a whip pan and is surprisingly easy to pull off Ive even done it with an Iphone and edited the footage with my iphone which goes to show you if you dont have the same editing program to me its not the end of the world and that this technique can be used any way.


HoldFast MoneyMaker Review

I decided to show off the HoldFast Gear MoneyMaker multi camera strap. This camera strap is not for everyone however as a wedding photographer I believe it is a must when using multiple cameras.

How To Instal Technicolor Cinestyle On A Canon DSLR

In this tutorial I show you how to instal technicolor cinestyle on a canon DSLR. Technicolor cinestyle is a custom picture profile which will allow you to shoot in as flat of an image as possible. This does two things to your camera it gives you a slightly greater dynamic range( more detail in the hight lights and the shadows) and it will make your image less saturated and more flat looking. This is super important when color grading because it will give you more flexibility when color grading. Its easy to alter the colors and contrast when youve used technicolor cinestyle but having shoot a scene with the standard canon picture profile its next to impossible to edit as much!

How To Shoot Cinematic Video With A DSLR

This is PART ONE of the how to shoot cinematic footage with a DSLR series and in this tutorial I show you guys how I shoot cinematic video with a DSLR! In this video I cover how to shoot slow motion ( well as good as a Canon DSLR allows) which is 60FPS slowed down to 23FPS, the importance of levels audio, what is and how a variable ND filter (neutral density filter), the importance of picture profiles when it comes to color grading in post. 

Cheap DSLR Rig Review

I talk about the budget DSLR rig known as the Aperture Rig or the Polaroid Rig. Ive use this DSLR rig for a week or two now and have used it on a shoot and this is my thoughts after having used it! I would defiantly recommend this DSLR rig for someone wanting to get into the videography with a DSLR or any smaller camera for that matter! 

How To Load A Film Camera

I created this video to help out anyone who is unsure on how to load a film camera! I know I didn't have a clue when I first got into film photography. Please let me know if you are interested in film photography and I will record more photography tutorials around that!

Holdfast Gear Leash Camera Strap

HoldFast Gear is one of the few photography brands which I have been in love with for many years now. They have made amazing leather camera accessories which in my opinion has changed the game in photography and how we use gear. 

THe HoldFast Gear camera leash comes in a whopping 8 different colors of leather and is my personal go to camera strap at the moment so if you're interested check out my video below!