Story telling and stepping out of your comfort zone!

Lately I've been trying out vlogging and documenting my day with video. Being a photographer its been quite interesting documenting stories with video instead of images. Two days ago I spent the day with some close friends of mine and I decided to share a glimpse into their adorable little family. When I left the house with my camera I had this idea to try something ive never done before and try my hand at slow motion which worked out amazinglyBack at my desk, editing that night I soon realized that this vlog would have no audio which was excited yet daunting at the same time. This defiantly challenged my story telling abilities, but I think I aced it! What do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know!

Ps if you have ever 
stepped out of your comfort zone and being stoked on the results? Let me know and share below!

Announcing my Vlog!

Okay guys before you watch this I just want to say am super shy! This vlog is going to be about me starting my business and what I'm up to in my life!